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“By teaching, We learn”

 For the members of NVG, our primary objective is to learn. Our approach to learning is two-fold: firm work and client work.

Firm Work

The firm work consists of a combination in providing training to our members while also allowing them to train each other. Our principles to consulting stem straight from the likes of Bain, McKinsey and BCG, requiring us to promote their fundamentals so that our skills are enhanced for our clients. Members learn essential consulting skills, practice case studies and engage in workshops and events.

Simultaneously, the firm encourages members to identify their passions and then provides them the space to dive deep into them with the goal of becoming pseudo-experts in their respective areas. As members gain knowledge in their areas, we ask them to share their findings and insights with the rest of the firm. By harnessing everyone’s diverse insights, we believe we can add significant value to clients.


Client Work

Within our client work, NVG helps of all business by leveraging our bright members, the ideas we circulate through firm work, and the consulting training we receive. Our members enjoy the ambiguity and importance of the problems they are tasked with helping clients solve. Since our founding in 2008, we have engaged and completed over a hundred projects pro bono. With experience working for a wide range of clients--from Fortune 100 companies to local non-profit organizations--our consultants leverage intellectual curiosity and lateral thinking to consistently deliver results at every phase of an engagement.  

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