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Meet the Team

Executive Board

Keeyan Profile.jpg

Keeyan Roumina


Kiran Profile.jpg

Kiran Ramakumar

Vice President of Engagements 

Luke Profile.jpg

Luke Rodriguez

Vice President of Consultant Development

Jack Profile.jpg

Jack Hillier

Vice President of Recruitment

Rashi Profile.jpg

Rashi Duttagupta

Vice President of Operations

Senior Consultants

Asia Profile.jpg

Asia Bach

Ninad Profile.jpg

Ninad Tashildar

Erik Profile.jpg

Erik Mercado

Phillip Profile.jpg

Phillip Konstantinov

Ethan Profile.jpg

Ethan Tong

Raghav Profile.jpg

Raghav Warrier

Hersh Profile.jpg

Hersh Pathak

Max Profile.jpg

Maxamilia (Max) Hackert

Nathan Profile.jpg

Nathan Brunk

Rajeev Profile.jpg

Rajeev Vemuri

Junior Consultants

Aahana Dugar

Dhruv profile.jpg

Dhruv Anand

aiyana profile.jpg

Aiyana Smith

Emma Profile.jpg

Emma Immanivong

Alden profile.jpg

Alden Carpenter

jacob profile.jpg

Jacob Tieves

Austin profile.jpg

Austin Kerr

nivedh profile.jpg

Nivedh Mudiam

caleb profile.jpg

Caleb Jones

rishik profile.jpg

Rishik Kolli

connor profile.jpg

Connor Smith

zoey profile.jpg

Zoey Grant

Our Alumni have gone on to work in amazing places including all of the MBB and Big Four firms among others. Check out our Alumni list to see what they're all doing today!

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